Who is Dart-Stop?

Hello and welcome,

Dart-Stop and Dart-Center are owned and operated by a real guy, me. My name is Robert. My small company was founded in early 2004 in Vallejo, California in my garage. A garage only works for so long. . . I outgrew it within just a couple of years. My small warehouse is located about an hour North of San Francisco near San Pablo, California. In case you're wondering, I don't operate a retail store so you wouldn't be able to drop by to pick up your stuff. But, if you call or email with a question or customer service issue, there's a very good chance you'll be speaking with me!

My small business is a creative and entrepreneurial success story-- just like Apple, HP and others, it was conceived and grown in a home garage. The difference with mine is its still small. Keeping the size small allows me to do much of the work myself. This helps to assure high quality, consistency and great customer service. The great variety of hats I wear contributes to a fun and interesting life that's never boring.

My degree and experience in architecture has provided me with a solid technical and creative educational foundation on which to build. My inventive nature shines in this realm of product manufacturing. I love to develop useful and practical solutions to real-life challenges. I believe that Great things are born where creativity, innovation and usefulness meet. I continue to do it because I like to think my products bring a little joy to the folks who use them.

I'm committed to creating the finest quality recreational equipment available. Each of my products is hand made one at a time with care-- the alternative to mass-produced equipment. I promise to maintain my very high standards of excellence, unsurpassed value and quality! My darts equipment is designed to last a lifetime and is proudly hand-crafted in the USA. If you encounter any issues at all with one of my products I will address it promptly.

I believe Recreation is an essential element of a balanced life. The game of Darts is a great way to relax and have fun. It can facilitate being in the "Here and Now," a timeless place of presence where problems, pain and worry do not exist. There are times while designing or making my darts products that I feel this peaceful joy. I hope you can too.

Thank you for supporting my dream of independence, creativity and contribution.

Happy Darting!


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If you're curious, there's more. . . read on for the history, timeline and evolution of my small enterprise.

The 36 inch backboard series came first

My company was born to fulfill the need for a better dartboard backboard. Before Dart-Stop, it was practically impossible to find a well-made, durable backboard, one that would last for years without breaking or signs of wear. Especially one that would never show any dart holes. All of my products are designed to last a lifetime; why buy a replacement every few years when you can buy one premium quality, durable product and be "done!" This is an example of my motto: Quality costs less in the long run.

I believe that an avid darter should proudly display his passion (on a Dart-Stop backboard, of course) rather than hide it inside a dartboard cabinet. Traditional wood-framed backboards and dartboard cabinets quickly show wear, especially dart holes. Our Dart-Stop backboards, with their plush fabric finish, will not show any dart holes. Our backboards will continue to look "new" for years.

Within a couple of years the 29 inch backboards were released

In the beginning, Dart-Stop offered ten 36 inch diameter backboards to choose from-- two shapes: Octagonal and Round plus five colors: Black, Burgundy, Gray, Indigo and Tan. Within the first couple of years we expanded this line to include our 29 inch diameter "Pro-Series" backboards, available in the same two shapes and five colors our "Original" 36 inch diameter backboards are available in.

Porcelain-enameled steel scoreboards; very nice looking and super durable. These were Inspired by my work in architecture designing a durable dry-erasable surface for an emergency ops center in Northern Washington.

In 2006 Dart-Stop was proud to announce a brand new member of the family-- Dart-Stop Scoreboards! As far as I know, the very first all metal darts scoreboard in the world! Definitely the most durable (and possibly the best looking) scoreboard currently available anywhere on the planet. Simple design is beautiful. Score your favorite darts games including 501, Cricket, etc . . . on the ample 15 inch by 21 inch scoreboard surface. Dart-Stop scoreboards feature a durable 18 gage thermally-bonded enameled steel surface for long lasting performance. Just like our many backboard choices, we have several different scoreboards to choose from: White or Black dry-erase. Each of these surface styles is available in either Classic or Deluxe graphics. A surface-compatible marker, magnetic eraser, brass mounting hardware, wall anchors and easy instructions are included.

First available in May 2008, the Dart-Stop ScoreStation, an upgrade to our premium quality Dart-Stop scoreboards. . . now an even better companion for our world famous Dart-Stop backboards. This top-of-the-line dartboard accessory features our all-steel scoreboard mounted on a fabric-wrapped backing with an aluminum marker holder. First choose from five backboard-matching fabric colors then pick the Dart-Stop scoreboard of your choice. We mount the scoreboard and marker holder onto the backing for you. All you need to do is mount your ScoreStation to the wall.

The next design challenge-- there really wasn't a decent wall-mounted dart holder available. After many months of prototypes the super cool ArrowPort dart holder was born!

Dart-Center, "State of D'art Equipment", our line of innovative darts accessories was released in December of 2008. While Dart-Stop is synonymous with elegant, durable, high quality backboards and scoreboards, Dart-Center is recognized for original, contemporary darts equipment. The first Dart-Center product made available was the ArrowPort, "Where Darts Go Between Flights"! "Dart-Center reveals its pioneering spirit with ArrowPort, the first product of its kind. Now there's a place to store and display darts! Keep darts at hand instead of stowing them away. Mount the ArrowPort next to an electronic or bristle dartboard and a game of darts is only a moment away!"

Darts really needed a good cordless dart board light: the Cordless LED dart board light from Dart-Center is the first! A fine example of my motto: Great things are born where creativity, innovation and usefulness meet

To satisfy the need for a cordless dartboard light, in December of 2009, Dart-Center debuted the World's first Cordless LED dartboard light-- "See the Game in a Whole New Light!" This first of its kind product features an adjustable gooseneck for wall or ceiling attachment and a pair of super bright LED spotlights for nearly shadow-free performance. In November of 2010 an alternative Ceiling Mounted Cordless LED dartboard light was made available. This product allows the dart board light to mounted at a more optimal, farther distance from the dartboard and is available at a lower price than the flexible model.

To answer the question: "Where does a dart scorer put their drink while they're scoring a game?"-- the Dart-Center Bamboo GameRoom Shelf with integrated drink holder

My most recent product was the bamboo recreation shelf released in late September 2015. Many years ago Stacy Bromberg, the US top Womens professional dart player suggested that a good dart shelf was really needed. This shelf features a unique drink holder that can double as a pool cue holder.

Thanks for reading my story.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the thousands of happy customers. Wishing you many more joy-filled hours of fun and relaxation!

Happy Darting!

P.S. At this time, I do not operate a retail storefront. The scoreboards, ScoreStation, dart light, ArrowPort and Shelf with holder have been discontinued; this is so I can put all of my energy into what I do best: Dartboard Backboards!

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