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I lost the Mounting Hardware for my Dart-Stop Backboard. . .

If you lost the Dart-Stop Backboard Wall Mounting Hardware that comes with our backboard, it can be purchased from your local hardware store.
Dart-Stop does not sell this hardware by itself.

You will need the following:

2: #10 X 3 inch long flat head sheet metal, tapping or wood screws. Philips head are the easiest to drive.
(Please note: the threads of these screws are not intended to engage into the threads of the steel backboard wall mounting points.)

2: #10 plastic anchors. These will be needed for drywall, plaster, concrete and masonry wall surfaces. These will not be needed for wood walls.

See link below for the backboard wall mounting instructions.

IMPORTANT: Our hardware kit Does Not include the screw the goes in the middle back of the dartboard (dartboard mounting screw) because this comes with the dartboard (purchased separately.) However this is typically a #10 or #12 X 1 inch pan head sheet metal screw.

I need Mounting Instructions. . .

Follow these links for PDFs of the Mounting Instructions for our products:





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