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I need Mounting Instructions. . .

Follow these links for PDFs of the Mounting Instructions for our products:

Octagonal and Round Backboards

HexTile Backboard Detailed Written Steps

HexTile Backboard Illustrated Sheet: "What's Included" & "Required and Optional Tools" with "Quick Instructions"

HexTile Backboard Dimensioned Wall Illustration and Field Tile Layout Planner/ Grid




Flexible Dartboard Light

Ceiling Dartboard Light

Bamboo Shelf
I need the Wall Mounting Hardware for my Dart-Stop Backboard. . .

If you lost or need the Dart-Stop Backboard Wall Mounting Hardware that comes with the backboard, it can be purchased from your local hardware store.
Dart-Stop also sells this hardware kit.
Currently our minimum website order amount is $42; if you do not meet this requirement, please contact me for other options.

Here are the specifications for the backboard wall mounting hardware:

2: #10 X 3 inch long flat head sheet metal, tapping or wood screws. Philips head are the easiest to drive.
(Please note: the threads of these screws are not intended to engage into the threads of the steel backboard wall mounting points.)

2: #10 plastic anchors. These will be needed for drywall, plaster, concrete and masonry wall surfaces. These will not be needed for wood walls.

The kit now also includes a bristle dartboard hanging screw. This is the screw that installs into the middle back of the dartboard; the screw head then engages into the slot of the pre-installed, recessed metal bristle dartboard bracket at the center of the Dart-Stop backboard.
The screw we include is a #12 x 7/8 inch long pan head sheet metal screw. This size may be a little difficult to find however a similar size would also work; verify with your bristle dartboard the maximum length to avoid hitting it with your dart tip once it is installed.