Detailed Product Info: Dart-Stop Dartboard Backboards

Easy, Secure
Dart-Stop Backboard
Wall Mounting

+ Attach to Any Wall Quickly and easily
+ 2 Steel-Reinforced wall mounting points
+ Sturdy screws and anchors included
+ Easy step-by-step mounting Instructions

Dart-Stop Quick & Solid
Dartboard Mounting

+ Pre-Installed, recessed dartboard bracket
+ Unparalleled dartboard Stability
+ Wobble-Free dartboard mounting
+ Easily Rotate dartboard for even wear

Hardware is concealed behind the dartboard
when it's installed.

Durable & Solid 1 inch thick Construction
3/4 inch thick engineered wood backing with
1/4 inch plush "no holes" fabric finish

Thick and substantial wood and fabric assembly
effectively absorbs impact to reduce noise.

Back of Dart-Stop Backboard

Backboard Weights (octagonal, without dartboard)
36 inch: 15 pounds (6.8 kg)
29 inch: 10 pounds (4.5 kg)
Note: weights are approximate and may vary.
Other shapes are slightly lighter in weight.
Weights don't include packaging.

Dart-Stop Backboard Mounting

Steel-Reinforced Backboard Wall
Mounting Point (before mounting)

Recessed Dartboard Mounting Bracket

Mounting Point (after mounting)

Durable connection allows for easy relocation--
repeated mounting and unmounting without damage.

Pre-installed, recessed steel dartboard bracket
is securely attached to the backboard.
This hardware is intended for bristle dartboards.

Super Solid "Wobble-Free" Dartboard Mounting

No need to use the metal or rubber feet that are
placed on the back of most bristle dartboards.

The bracket holds the dartboard onto the backboard
with the head of the dartboard screw.
The dartboard screw is installed into the center back
of the dartboard (screw is illustrated without the
dartboard in the right image above.)

Dart-Stop's unique recessed dart board bracket
creates a solid and snug dartboard attachment.

The dartboard is easily rotatable. Regular
dartboard rotation is a necessary step to
maintain even wear.

Accepts and holds stray steel-tip darts
without damaging them.

(We cannot guarantee darts will stick due
to many variables)

Hardware Kit Included with each Dart-Stop Backboard
2- #10 by 3 inch long flat head sheet metal screws
(for installation in wood or studs behind drywall)
2- plastic anchors (for non-wood materials) and
1- bristle dartboard screw are included.

Click Here to view the Dart-Stop backboard wall mounting instructions.